Intense Regenerative Plus

VAT included

A complex of botanical peptides helps to give the skin the right energy to minimize the effects of aging due to stress factors such as ozone, pollution and UV irritation.

  • 30 ml/ 1 fl.oz

A perfect anti-aging formula to counteract the signs of time and the damaging effects of stress and lifestyle. Formulated with Soja Complex and Superoxide Dismutase, botanical peptides, which counteract the action of free radicals and minimize the effects of skin aging such as dryness, wrinkles and loss of elasticity caused by stress factors.

Active ingredients

Soja Compex Superoxide Dismutase Betaine Arginine Water
Complex that neutralizes free radicals and inhibits elastase Active biotechnology origin that protects from pollution and stress factors Active with moisturizing properties, it protects the skin from irritation pH regulator, it promotes micro skin exfoliation Demineralized and pharmaceutical grade

Dermatologically tested at the Cosmetology Centre of the University of Ferrara. Perfumes without allergens. Formulates to reduce the risk of allegies. Recommended for all skin types, also for sensitive skin. No animal testing.

When and how to use

Suitable to protect the skin from pollution and smog. Recommended all ages, even in summer.

Use twice daily. Apply a small amount of cream on cleased skin. Spread uniformly on face and neck massaging until full absorption.

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