Pure Collagen

VAT included

The active ingredient is a highly purified collagen and it is largely responsible for characteristic properties of skin. The synergy of highly purified collagen and peptides acts on the formation of collagen.

  • 30 ml/ 1 fl.oz

CreamSerum based on Purified Collagen that counteracts skin aging processes. Collagen gives skin texture and toning and helps maintain skin hydration. Synergy with the Peptides Complex helps to counteract wrinkle formation. Collagen is subject to a continuous aging process in the skin, as, with age losesits capacity to bind large quantities of water which is essential for the turgor of the skin. Consequently, the skin looks flabby and older. It is, therefore, logical to use soluble collagen in cosmetic formulation. For more info on collagen https://www.cognitune.com/collagen-powder-benefits/

Active ingredients

Soluble Collagen Peptides Complex Betaine Arginine Water
Moisturizing active with high potential to bind the water molecules, it helps promote skin hydration. Excellent anti-wrinkle action It stimulates all types of collagen that are important to the skin's functionality.  Anti-wrinkle peptides, preservatives free Active with moisturizing properties, it protects the skin from irritation pH regulator, it promotes micro skin exfoliation Demineralized and pharmaceutical grade

Dermatologically tested at the Comsetology Centre of th University of Ferrara. Perfumes without allergens. Formulated to reduce the risk of allergies. Recommended for all skin types, also for sensitive skin. No animal testing.

When and how to use

Suitable for younger skins and as an upgrading of an anti-wrinkle treatment. Recommended from 20 years.

Use twice daily. Apply a small amount of cream on cleansed skin. Spread uniformly on face and neck massaging until full absorption.

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