OUR PHILOSOPHY: simple and innovative

During our career as a pharmacist and cosmetic formulator we asked ourselves why to create the same cosmetics when each woman's face has unique characteristics. What is the advantage of adding ingredients to extend the expiration of cosmetics when they could be created on request and according to the characteristics of the face? For this reason, we have redesigned the traditional solutions and created new generation cosmetics far from conventional cosmetics in favor of the effectiveness of the active ingredients and results. To achieve this goal we follow three rules:

use active ingredients made in small batches, so as to make the cosmetic fresh and safe;

guarantee a surprising result using only active ingredients with scientifically documented activities;

customize our cosmetics based on the characteristics of our customers' faces thanks to an exclusive "tailor-made" service.



Each of our products is a symbol of excellent quality and extraordinary know-how. To exceed expectations and offer an exclusive cosmetic we have created a new formula that combines the effectiveness of a cream and the concentration of a serum in a truly unique sensory experience. All our skincare products contain antioxidant ingredients to protect against external agents and pollution. Our commitment to creating an effective and safe product takes the form of providing formulas with the best raw materials and processing in small batches to enhance the purity and freshness of the product and to prevent it from altering over time. Made-for-you is a personalized and professional service where each formula is chosen from several hundred to combine with the unique characteristics of each face.


Alta Manifattura Cosmetica is an Italian company founded by pharmacists and cosmetologists, specialized in the production of high quality cosmetics with one goal: to create a cosmetic not only extraordinary for the results, but also the healthiest possible for the health of the skin. Each of our products is and will be created in Italy with meticulous processing to ensure the best skin tolerability and traceability upstream and downstream. We personally take care of placing our cosmetics, together with their authentication certificates, inside the case. As you can imagine we collaborate only with the best Italian Universities and Research Centers that share with us the total passion for excellence.